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OSI Advantage

Our goal at OSI is to not only meet industry standards but to exceed them. Our dedicated staff invests time ensuring that our customers can benefit from the latest research and technologies.

There are 3 major categories where we lead the industry:

Genetic Advantage

Because of our collaboration with the top Genetic Companies in the world, OSI is able to offer the highest quality semen for domestic and international use.  Semen is available in fresh or frozen doses.

Health Advantage

OSI maintains the highest level of herd health and biosecurity in the industry.  We are approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for the export of fresh and frozen semen throughout the world.  This is the highest level of approval that can be achieved.  This means that boars are blood tested several times prior to entering our stud to ensure that they meet these high standards.  CFIA testing also occurs several times throughout each year to certify that OSI maintains this status.

Through the direction and support of our herd health Veterinarian, OSI conducts internal testing for disease control.  PRRS PCR testing occurs twice every week with a minimum of 48 individual blood swab samples.  PRRS ELISA testing is performed once per moth with 15% of the resident herd tested.  We also do regular swab testing for PED as well as regular bacteria testing on semen samples.

Technology Advantage

OSI is continually upgrading and investing in new technologies to provide better service, build efficiencies and improve the quality and consistency of the semen. These technologies include a semi-automated semen collection system, Prism boar stud management software, SpermVision semen assessment and the SPS21 Boar Semen Automated Packaging.