OSI offers comprehensive training in a number of formats;

Artificial Insemination courses
Artificial Insemination courses are an ideal way to learn the details of breeding your sows. Topics include heat detection, insemination technique, semen selection, and many other production related items. This program is ideal for breeding managers, new employees, and anyone who will be doing AI breeding on farm.

Call OSI at 1 800 493 2627 X 23 for the details on our next upcoming course. Courses are offered a few times a year, at various locations in Ontario.

On farm training course
On farm training courses are also available, and are then customized to your operations particular needs and interest. Because we can work in your facility, with your animals, in your working habits, this is an extremely effective way to sharpen your skills. We cover on farm semen storage, insemination timing and cleanliness, post breeding management and many of the topics covered in the above program, all in your facility. We regard any of your biosecurity expectations as far as down time and sanitation. Reproductive tract models are effectively used to explain the uterine tract and what a successful mating is.

Call OSI at 1 800 493 2627 X 23 to set up an on farm demo today !

OSI also offers training in ultrasound pregnancy detection, sow condition scoring, and physical conformation scoring.
Inquire how all these training services can optimize your herd!