The population of the OSI stud consists of three main breeds, Duroc, Yorkshire and Landrace boars. OSI currently processes for export orders as a standalone process on a separate timeline from domestic production. These procedures are exercised to maintain our export certification status. OSI has the option and benefit of producing both fresh and frozen semen to cater to whatever format our customers prefer.

 OSI is currently the only boar stud in Ontario that offers an alternative to fresh semen.  OSI has trained specialists and state of the art semen freezing technology, on site at the Innerkip location, to complement our abillity to export boar semen.

Follow this link to go to the CFIA site to determine if an import permit is valid for your country.

OSI is located close to the Toronto Airport for easy access to International service.

We work closely with Sea Air, which is a specialized freight forwarding company dealing with agriculture.

For Inquiries: please contact Jennifer Arnott at 519 469 3010 X 221 or email