The concept of genetic improvement is really quite simple; breed the best to the best. The OSIP program provides breeders with the tools they need to identify and select the best stock to become parents of the next generation.

OSIP breeders focus primarily on genetic improvement of only three pure breeds. Combining these breeds in a three-way cross market hog results in maximum hybrid vigour (the superiority of a crossbred animal over the average of the parent breeds) for the commercial producer. This practice is simple, yet effective and is responsible for tremendous efficiencies that have been realized in the Ontario pork industry over 40 years.

One of OSI's leading seed stock producers Commercial Value of Genetic Improvement in a 5-year period:
Value of genetic improvement is sire line (per litter): $38
Value of genetic improvement in F1's (per litter): $48
Total improvement (per litter): $86
Improvement per sow/year (2.2 litters) $190
If you are a 500-sow commercial operation using these
genetics in your herd, the benefit to you per year is an improvment of:
The improvement is the result of more pigs born per litter in F1s, 10 days faster to market, improved feed conversion, improved carcass quality and extra lean per hog.