One of the cornerstones of OSI is the genetic advancement component. We are part of a national nucleus provided by the data base of the Canadian Center for Swine Improvement. Because of the large size of the data base across Canada, genetic advancement is made at a quicker pace. The National rankings are a key component to a cutting edge system that pushes for continuous improvements through a standard system using Estimated Breeding Values. We select animals domestically and abroad based on stringent genetic criteria. 

Only boars ranking in the top 20 percent of their breed class in Canada meet our high sire standards. OSI provides purebred Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and Pietrain semen as well as crossbred semen derived from the best boars tested.

The fact that OSI is independent means that we can select from a much broader genetic pool then our competition. We do not own a sow herd, OSI’s transparent, independent status makes us unique among swine AI Units in Canada.